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Joey Jenkins

Joey J Jenkins: *sitting in the Common Room, on the edge of his seat, remembering the last thing that V said to him when they were together... swallows rather audibly*

pufferxveronica: *looks over at him from the corner chair, smiling and giving him a little wink before going back to her book*

Joey J Jenkins: *blushes furiously at her wink, then attempts to settle back onto the couch and pay attention to the story his Quidditch buddy is telling*

pufferxveronica: *looks up again just in time to catch his reaction, grinning as she goes back to work*

Joey J Jenkins: *clears his throat before excusing himself, then heads over to her side of the room, wearing a nervous grin*

pufferxveronica: *looks up as she sees him coming* Hi.

Joey J Jenkins: *grins goofily* Hi. Can I sit with you?

pufferxveronica: Of course. *slides her books over to the far side of the table* Always.

Joey J Jenkins: *sits down next to her, folds his hands in his lap* ...So, how've you been?

pufferxveronica: Good. *smiles, putting a hand on his knee* You?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, feeling relieved* Good. *rests one of his hands on top of hers*

pufferxveronica: Good. *blushes a little and scoots closer*

Joey J Jenkins: *wraps his hand around hers* What were you reading?

pufferxveronica: *holds it up* Alice in Wonderland. It's fascinating.
Joey J Jenkins: Alice in Wonderland, huh? You know, they made a movie out of that.

pufferxveronica: Did they? *grins* I've never seen a real, actual movie before.

Joey J Jenkins: Really? I think you should. It's a cartoon... Disney made it.

pufferxveronica: Oh. *nods, not sure what Disney is*

Joey J Jenkins: *laughs softly, giving her hand a squeeze* I'll take you to a movie one of these days.

pufferxveronica: Really? *grins* That' would be great.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods* Of course. I'd love to take you.

pufferxveronica: I'd love to go. *nods, squeezing his hand*

Joey J Jenkins: *turns his hand over and intertwines his fingers with hers*

pufferxveronica: Did you...*swallows and clears her throat* Did you think more about what I said?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, swallowing* Yeah... Can't seem to think about anything else.

pufferxveronica: Me neither. *grins nervously* It's all I think about. Well, that and you.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, softly, still shocked almost speechless at the idea* ...are you really sure? That this is what you want?

pufferxveronica: *nods slowly, looking into his eyes* I'm sure. I want it to be you.

Joey J Jenkins: I want... I want it to be you, too... *closes his eyes, blushing softly*

pufferxveronica: *grins brightly* Then...we're going to?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, opening his eyes to look into hers* ...Yeah. We will.

pufferxveronica: Okay. *softly nodding* Good.

Joey J Jenkins: *lifts his hand and tucks some hair behind her ear, letting his fingers linger near her jaw*

pufferxveronica: *smiles and closes her eyes*

Joey J Jenkins: *leans in and gently brushes his lips against hers*

pufferxveronica: *sighs and presses more firmly against him, squeezing his knee gently*

Joey J Jenkins: *gently nibbles his lips against hers, moving his hand to cup her cheek*

pufferxveronica: *smiles and breaks the kiss, leaning her forehead against his* I'm glad it's gonna be you.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, breathing slightly heavy* ...I'm glad it's gonna be you, too.

pufferxveronica: *strokes his cheek with her fingertips* Do you want to go somewhere else?

Joey J Jenkins: *whispers softly* If you want to...

pufferxveronica: I do. *nods* Even if it's just to talk.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods* Where do you want to go?

pufferxveronica: *thinks for a moment, then grins* Come on. *takes his hand and stands up*

Joey J Jenkins: *stands with her, raises an eyebrow* Where are we going?

pufferxveronica: You'll see. *takes him out of the common room and down the main hallway*

Joey J Jenkins: *follows along behind her, grinning*

pufferxveronica: *stops at the library, then turns to go in, leading him past the long rows of books towards the back*

Joey J Jenkins: *looks up and down the isles of books, then up to her, curiously*

pufferxveronica: *goes up a set of stairs in the corner, then back to the very corner of the second floor, to a little alcove with a window seat*

Joey J Jenkins: *looks around* ..I didn't know this place existed...

pufferxveronica: Of course not. It's in the library. *chuckles and sits down*

Joey J Jenkins: *rolls his eyes with a playful grin* Yeah yeah yeah... *sits down next to her*

pufferxveronica: *nuzzles into his neck* See? It's private.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, fluttering his eyes shut* is... it's nice...

pufferxveronica: *nods, pulling back with a grin* I used to come here with the 7th year boys all the time. *smirks*

Joey J Jenkins: *looks over at her, shocked* did?

pufferxveronica: *laughs* No. I was kidding.

Joey J Jenkins: Oh... *relieved*

pufferxveronica: *covers her mouth* The look on your face...

Joey J Jenkins: *breaks into a grin* ...well... sorry if I'm just a little protective. *grins a little wider, wrapping his arms around her*

pufferxveronica: It's okay. *snuggles into him* I don't mind.

Joey J Jenkins: *leans down and kisses her neck, gently*

pufferxveronica: *closes her eyes as her mouth falls slightly open* Oh, Joey...

Joey J Jenkins: *kisses her neck once more* Hmm? *runs his hand up and down her arm, pulling her closer to him*

pufferxveronica: Can you...*shifts* Can we do what we did last time?

Joey J Jenkins: You want me to...? *flicks his eyes down into her lap, then back up to hers*

pufferxveronica: *blushes* Only if you want to.

Joey J Jenkins: Oh... I do. *eagerly* ...if you'll let me...

pufferxveronica: *looks around, listening for any noises, making sure nobody's around* All right. *nods*

Joey J Jenkins: *grins softly, blushing a little, moves to go down, trailing his hand up her thigh*

pufferxveronica: *settles back against the seat, dropping one of her legs over the edge and propping the other one up*

Joey J Jenkins: *lifts her skirt and hooks both hands into her knickers, tugging them down and moving in closer, her skirt resting on the top of his head as he settles in, poking his tongue out against her carefully*

pufferxveronica: *gasps and pushes against his tongue, hips wiggling* Ohhhh...

Joey J Jenkins: *brings both hands in and starts touching and massaging her as he licks and sucks on her, brings a hand around and slides a finger up inside her*

pufferxveronica: *whimpers as her eyes flutter shut, hips moving against him* So good, Joey...

Joey J Jenkins: *puts his free hand on her hip, holding her still so he can work against her, moving faster and sucking harder, vibrating his tongue against her clit, slides a second finger in*

pufferxveronica: *moans as quietly as she can manage, burying a hand in his hair, guiding his movement*

Joey J Jenkins: *works harder against her, tipping his head to the side for a different angle, licking and sucking, sliding his fingers in and out*

pufferxveronica: *moans again, a little louder this time, bucking her hips up into him* So close...don't stop...

Joey J Jenkins: *forces a third finger in, lapping forcefully against her clit, sucking on it, and fluttering his tongue against it*

pufferxveronica: *winces, but adjusts quickly, wiggling a little bit before coming suddenly, body arching and stiffening*

Joey J Jenkins: *continues moving, sliding one of his fingers out, but continuing the others against her, moving them slowly in and out, lapping his tongue against her, waiting for her to finish*

pufferxveronica: *whimpers loudly and collapses back against the seat, eyes screwed shut in pleasure*

Joey J Jenkins: *lets go with his mouth, moves his fingers slowly, sitting up a little and coming out from under her skirt, hoping he did good*

pufferxveronica: *reaches for him, needing to hold him after that, sits up with a smile on her face*

Joey J Jenkins: *lets go with his hand as well, scooting closer to her, wraps his arms around her waist* ...are you okay?

pufferxveronica: *nods* I'm wonderful....that was so good...

Joey J Jenkins: *goes from a concerned face to a grinning one* ...good. I'm glad... *hugs her closer*

pufferxveronica: You're so good, Joe. So good. *kisses his cheek*

Joey J Jenkins: *grins goofily* ...thank you.

pufferxveronica: *nods* It's the truth. You're amazing.

Joey J Jenkins: *shakes his head* Naw... not really. But thanks. I try.

pufferxveronica: It's the truth. *opens her eyes and smiles at him* You make me feel...I don't know. Special.

Joey J Jenkins: *raises his hand (the non-yuck one) and runs it over her cheek, then tucks some hair behind her ear, looking deep into her eyes* are special. ...and... *swallows softly* ...and I love you.

pufferxveronica: *blinks, breath catching somewhere in her chest* love me?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods slowly, now that the words are out feeling worried and slightly awkward* ...Yeah... I do...

pufferxveronica: Oh. *swallows* I, uh...

Joey J Jenkins: *loosens his grip on her slightly, looks down and away* Sorry... I didn't mean to... I'm sorry...

pufferxveronica: No. *grabs his arm* I mean, I do, too. *nods, smiling nervously*

Joey J Jenkins: *shakes his head softly* No... you don't have to say it just because I did...

pufferxveronica: I'm not saying it because you did. *sighs* I mean, I doubt I'd have the courage to say it if you hadn't...but I do. *swallows again* I love you, Joey. I really do.

Joey J Jenkins: *brings his eyes up to hers* do?

pufferxveronica: *blushes and nods* Yes. *touches his cheek*

Joey J Jenkins: *sighs loudly, relieved, breaking into a grin* Oh, V... Veronica... *hugs her close again, pulling her body against his* ...I'm so glad...

pufferxveronica: *nods, burying her face into his shoulder, scolding herself for getting so emotional* Me too.

Joey J Jenkins: *runs his hand up and down her back, nuzzling his nose into her neck* ...thank you.

pufferxveronica: For what?

Joey J Jenkins: For loving me.

pufferxveronica: *chuckles* Have you always been this sappy?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, grinning* Yeah... it's a part of my charm. *grins goofily*

pufferxveronica: that's what it is. *grins against his neck*

Joey J Jenkins: *nods again* Yep. I'm surprised you didn't notice before.

pufferxveronica: *smirks* I guess I was distracted by your blinding good looks.

Joey J Jenkins: *laughs* Or my incredible sexual powers.... *on the word "sexual"...grinds against her playfully, still fully aroused*

pufferxveronica: Well, that too...*blushes* How do you, um....I can....

Joey J Jenkins: You um... *blushes slightly, still grinning* can do whatever you want...

pufferxveronica: I, um....*hesitates* I want to do what you did.

Joey J Jenkins: *blinks* You... oh. *tries to hold back his enthusiasm by swallowing* ...if you--youknow--ifyouwantto...

pufferxveronica: I do. *pauses* I'm just not sure how to.

Joey J Jenkins: Um... You could just... uh... *blushes slightly, not really sure what she should do since no one's ever done it to him before* ...suck... on it?

pufferxveronica: Okay....*nods and reaches slowly for his pants clasp* Suck on it...

Joey J Jenkins: *shrugs* Or um... I have no idea. Move? On it?

pufferxveronica: Move? *frowns, confused*

Joey J Jenkins: *nods* You know... up and down? In and out?

pufferxveronica: *unzips his fly, licking her lips nervously* I can do that.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, trying to reign in his excitement, although little Joey's sure up for the challenge*

pufferxveronica: *reaches inside and grasps him, giving little Joey a few strokes before taking a deep breath and leaning in*

Joey J Jenkins: *bites his lip and tips his head back, trying to relax*

pufferxveronica: *kisses it a few times, then opens her mouth and sucks on the tip of it, trying to get used to the feeling*

Joey J Jenkins: *whimpers softly* ...that's um... *clears his throat, then groans softly* ...please don't stop...

pufferxveronica: *closes her eyes and begins to go further down, moving until the tip tickles the back of her tongue*

Joey J Jenkins: *whimpers again, his body tensing up as he holds off* ...that... that... that... *tips his head back again, enjoying the feeling of her mouth on him*

pufferxveronica: *swallows, trying not to gag on his MASSIVE COCK, brings a hand around to stroke the base*

Joey J Jenkins: ((O_O))
Joey J Jenkins: ((MASSIVE C-WORD!!))
pufferxveronica: ((Aren't you proud?))
Joey J Jenkins: ((HELL YEAH I AM!!))

Joey J Jenkins: *whimpers again, attempting to keep his hips from thrusting against her, gripping whatever he can to stay afloat*

pufferxveronica: *sucks harder, concentrating on making it as good as she can for him*

Joey J Jenkins: *reaches around to the back of her head, pets her hair, breathing incredibly heavy at the pleasure, about to explode*

pufferxveronica: *strokes faster with her hand, feeling him start to stiffen up and jerk underneath her*

Joey J Jenkins: *grunts softly* V... V..!! I'm gonna... *taps her shoulder as his body tightens up*

pufferxveronica: *thinks about letting go, but waits too long.....*

Joey J Jenkins: *tips his head back with a jerk, his body going rigid as he spurts into her mouth*

pufferxveronica: *winces, stuck somewhere between coughing and swallowing, does both at the same time and ends up letting go with a gasp*

Joey J Jenkins: *gasps, reaching out for her* Are you okay? ...oh, God... are you okay?

pufferxveronica: *nods, hand over her mouth* Stupid...knew that was coming...

Joey J Jenkins: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I tried not to...

pufferxveronica: It's all right....*gives him a questioning look* Was it...did I do all right?

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a hug* More than all right... *nuzzles against her neck* That was... amazing.

pufferxveronica: Good. *holds him close* I want it to be amazing.

Joey J Jenkins: *runs his hands up and down her back* It was. It really really was.

pufferxveronica: *sighs and gets as close to him as she can* We should go back before we get caught.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, not wanting to let her go*'re right... we should...

pufferxveronica: *nods, kissing his neck* ...I bet I could sneak you into the dorm...

Joey J Jenkins: *raises an eyebrow* could?

pufferxveronica: I think so. *looks determined* I'm sure I can.

Joey J Jenkins: *pulls back, breaking into a grin* I'd love to stay with you. For the night.

pufferxveronica: I want you to. So much. *kisses his forehead* Just follow my lead.

Joey J Jenkins: *nods, taking her hand in his, after putting little joey away and zipping up*

pufferxveronica: *leads them back to the dorm, hand in hand*

Joey J Jenkins: *follows along behind, grinning goofily*
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