Joey Jenkins (joey_beater) wrote in eraofmarauders,
Joey Jenkins

Joey J Jenkins: *sitting in the Common Room, on the couch, trying not to think of Veronica, flipping through a Quidditch Magazine*
pufferxveronica: *comes up behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders* You're reading?
Joey J Jenkins: *grins softly, closes it so she can see the cover* Thought I'd take a leaf from your book and read what I like.
pufferxveronica: I'm so proud. *grins and kisses his cheek*
Joey J Jenkins: Eh... it's not academic or anything. *closes his eyes when she kisses his cheek, turns a bit to face her*
pufferxveronica: *smiles, resting her forehead against his* I missed you.
Joey J Jenkins: *smiles in return* I always miss you.
pufferxveronica: Me too. *leans in and kisses him*
Joey J Jenkins: *returns the kiss, happy to see her again*
pufferxveronica: *darts her tongue out against his mouth quickly before pulling back* I want to go flying.
Joey J Jenkins: *raises an eyebrow* ...flying?
pufferxveronica: *nods* Can you take me? Flying, I mean. *smirks*
Joey J Jenkins: *breaks into a wide grin* Of course! I'd love to.
pufferxveronica: *stands and reaches her hand down to him* Let's go.
Joey J Jenkins: *stands and takes her hand, drops the magazine and bounces on his feet*
pufferxveronica: *squeezes his hand and walks with him out to the pitch*
Joey J Jenkins: *follows behind her like an excited puppy dog*
pufferxveronica: *goes into the shed and picks out a broom, then brings it back outside*
Joey J Jenkins: *follows along behind her, still holding her fingers tangled with his*
pufferxveronica: Is this one good? *studies the broom*
Joey J Jenkins: *nods* It's fine. It's a cleansweep. They're built to last.
pufferxveronica: Oh, okay. *nods, and hands him the broom*
Joey J Jenkins: *hops on the broom and motions for her to sit in front of him*
pufferxveronica: *gets on, a little awkwardly, and assumes a death grip on the handle*
Joey J Jenkins: *wraps his arms around her and holds the broom in front of her, then kicks off, moving slowly upward, keeping it as steady as he can*
pufferxveronica: *swallows, and does her best to keep her eyes off of the ground below*
Joey J Jenkins: *runs one of his hands down her arm and over her hands on the broom* It's okay... you're going to suffocate it. *grins*
pufferxveronica: *nods and forces herself to relax, embarrassed at how scared she is*
Joey J Jenkins: *nods, resting his chin on her shoulder, flies them up over the goal hoops, giving them a magnificent view of the lake*
pufferxveronica: *leans back against him, feeling the wind through her hair, and the warmth of his body*
Joey J Jenkins: *scoots forward and pulls her against him, closes his eyes as he flies with her, guiding them over the forest*
pufferxveronica: It's so pretty up here...
Joey J Jenkins: *nods again against her shoulder*
pufferxveronica: *turns and kisses his cheek*
Joey J Jenkins: *grins softly, then opens his eyes to look at her*
pufferxveronica: *takes a chance and releases the broom with one of her hands, bringing it up to stroke his hair*
Joey J Jenkins: *leans in and nuzzles against her, holding the broom steady, slowing them slightly*
pufferxveronica: *holds him close* I love you.
Joey J Jenkins: I love you, too. *frees one of his hands from the broom and wraps it around her waist, holding her tightly against him*
pufferxveronica: *sighs in contentment, putting her free hand over his on her waist*
Joey J Jenkins: *leans in and kisses her neck a couple of times, then turns so they can fly over near the lake*
pufferxveronica: *sighs again, letting her eyes close and her mind wander*
Joey J Jenkins: *flies a little higher, then decides to have a little fun, speeds up and goes in for some gentle swoops and circles, holding tightly to her*
pufferxveronica: *giggles, holding on to him*
Joey J Jenkins: *grins, zooming this way and that, taking her for a fun ride*
pufferxveronica: Joey....*whoops and laughs, finding it to be much more fun than she thought*
Joey J Jenkins: *nods* Yes, V? *holds her a little tighter when he goes around a tighter loop, then laughs softly*
pufferxveronica: Do it again.
Joey J Jenkins: *beams* Okay. *flies over again, taking slightly more drastic loops and turns, feeling the wind go by*
pufferxveronica: *holds on tight, cheeks pink from the wind*
Joey J Jenkins: *flies them around for a few more minutes, bringing them slowly back toward the pitch--to the broom closet near the pitch*
pufferxveronica: *leans back against him again* That was great.
Joey J Jenkins: *nods a bit, still holding her tightly* Thank you.
pufferxveronica: You're welcome. *hops off as soon as they're close enough to the ground*
Joey J Jenkins: *dismounts and brings the broom back to the closet*
pufferxveronica: *walks with him, holding his hand again*
Joey J Jenkins: *mixes his fingers with hers, holding her hand tightly*
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