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This is a marauder-era Harry Potter RPG. The concept and most of the characters within are the sole property of the genius that is J. K. Rowling. No infringement intended.


Binns (History of Magic) --
Mordicus Egg (Muggle Studies) --
Filius Flitwick (Charms; Head of Ravenclaw House) --
Madam (Rolanda) Hooch (Flying; Quidditch Referee) --
Kettleburn (Care of Magical Creatures) --
Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration; Head of Gryffindor House) --
Ogg (Groundskeeper) --
Madam (Irma) Pince (Librarian) --
Madam (Poppy) Pomfrey (School Nurse) --
Apollyon Pringle (Caretaker) --
Sinistra (female; Astronomy) --
Pomona Sprout (Herbology; Head of Hufflepuff House) --
Vector (female; Arithmancy) --
Vindictus Viridian (Defense Against the Dark Arts) --


Seventh Year:
R. J. King (Quidditch seeker) -- rj_king
Ludovic Bagman --
Molly (Weasley, eventually; first name, female) --
Arthur Weasley --
Alexander Wood (Quidditch keeper, Captain) -- keeperwood

Sixth Year:
Amos Diggory -- reserved
Lily Evans -- notlilypotter
Sirius Black -- sblack
Remus Lupin -- marauder_remus
Peter Pettigrew --
James Potter (Quidditch chaser) -- notjamesevans
Agatha Timms --

Fifth Year:
Bridget Keegan (Quidditch Chaser) -- reserved
Brutus Scrimager (Quidditch beater) --
Bryan Quigley (Quidditch beater) -- _quigley_
Bilius Weasley --

Fourth Year:
Otto Bagman --
Rosmerta Ballard -- curvyrosie

Third Year:

Second Year:

First Year:

Seventh Year:
Florence (first name, female, confidant of Bertha Jorkins) --
Deladus Diggle --

Sixth Year:
Baruffio (male) --
Gladys (Gudgeon, eventually; female, first name) --
Davey Gudgeon --
Joey Jenkins (Quidditch beater) -- joey_beater

Fifth Year:
Katelyn Scott -- katelyn_scott
Veronica Smethley -- puffer_v

Fourth Year:
Basil (male) --

Third Year:

Second Year:

First Year:

Seventh Year:
Adreana Bode -- ravie_bode
Kirley McCormack -- kirleymccormack
Sibyll Trelawney --

Sixth Year:
Yii-Mei Chen (Quidditch chaser) -- ravenclawchen
Cuthbert Mockridge --
Evan Rosier (Quidditch seeker) -- darkrosier

Fifth Year:
Mehgan McCormack (Quidditch keeper) -- raven_meg
Wilkes (female) --

Fourth Year:
Dillan Moran -- irish_chaser

Third Year:

Second Year:
Slatero Quirrell --

First Year:

Seventh Year:
Erik Flint (Quidditch chaser; captain) -- chaserflint
Rodolphus (Noe) Lestrange -- mrlestrange

Sixth Year:
Bellatrix Black -- bellatrixblack
Severus Snape -- dark_n_brooding
Azael Zabini -- a_zabini

Fifth Year:
Crabbe (male) --
Goyle (male) --
Walden Macnair --
Lucius Malfoy -- malfoy_prince

Fourth Year:
Avery (male) --
Narcissa Black --

Third Year:
Travers (male) --
Mulciber (female) --

Second Year:
Croaker (male) --

First Year:
Nott (male) --

Argus Filch --
Bertha Jorkins --
Rubeus Hagrid --

*note: unless otherwise noted, all single-name listings are last names

*yet another note: I'm not quite finished sorting and/or listing all of the characters yet, so if you don't see somebody who is on the Lexicon and want them, apply anyway. In addition to this, a lot of new characters showed up in OotP. Feel free to apply for them. We can discuss house and year if I don't agree with where you put them...which is unlikely, since I did it randomly, anyway.

To Apply:
Provide the information below in an e-mail to this address. Please put 'Marauders App' or something similar in the subject line. I'll get back to you as soon as I can manage.

your name:
the name of your desired character:
house and year of said character:
quidditch position (if desired):
thorough backsory:
OOC AIM name:
role-playing experience:

IC AIM name (not required, but nice) and IC journal need to be sent after I send a confirmation to the application.


1. All posts are to be made live action. If you don’t know what this is, check the_common_room and xaviers. Both of these communities are live action as well. In order to maintain some sense of uniformity in the community, I ask that you delineate action from speech with *...* or ::...:: notation. Flip-flopping between bold and italics just confuses the moderator, and she doesn’t like being confused. ^^;;;

2. NO off-topic posts in the community whatsoever. I have created an OOC community specifically for this purpose: marauders_ooc. Feel free to use it. Being such, if you post in the wrong journal, just delete it. I won’t fuss about accidental posting, but I do ask - nay, beg - that you promptly remove it and post in the right journal.

3. I am aware that most of these characters’ personalities are never described in great length in the books, but I still ask that you have a firm grasp of the world of magic as delineated in the Harry Potter series and have read all four books available. The fifth book will most likely have little effect on what is considered canon in this rp anyway, so I’m not insisting that you buy and read it thedayitcomesout, although, most of you here probably will anyway.

4. If you're uncomfortable with something or don't like how something is going down in the rp, tell me and we can discuss it. I’m a very open person, and I’ll do whatever possible to help out.

5. This game is, indeed, slash-friendly. 'Slash' - for those of you who don’t know - is same-sex pairing in the world of fandom (yes, homosexuality). I will not tolerate flaming in my rp. If you don’t like slash, don’t join. I can guarantee that there will be slash somewhere in this rp.

6. Swearing, sexual innuendo and the like are welcome. I don’t have a problem with ‘adult’ role-playing. We’re all mature here.

7. I WILL ALLOW original characters. As a mere example, let’s say that somebody wants to play Dean Thomas’s father. Well, Dean is a Gryffindor and an artist, so, by logical deduction, it can be concluded that Dean’s family was somewhat art-appreciative and not jam-packed with Death Eaters. You can work around this with backstory, but stick with canon for the most part, please. I will compromise with some of this, but, as this is closed-membership, if I don’t think that your backstory works, I’ll ask you to revise it before I add you.

8. I went ahead and sorted a lot of the HP Lexicon to have a sound base of available characters. You can check said lexicon to view a brief description of what your character is to be in Harry!era. This is how I sorted the characters: based upon future job. Again, I’m more than willing to compromise. A lot of people want to play characters in their later years, so I'm not going to spaz about making somebody like Nott male and a sixth year instead of female and a first. Another example: I sorted Amos Diggory as a Gryffindor just because he seemed Gryffindor-ish in GoF. If you didn't like this and wanted Amos Diggory, you could talk to me and I would most likely change him. It’s all very flexible.

Random Notes That Didn't Fit Anywhere Else:

The moderator...
My name is Erin, and I'm not going to pretend that I'm a demi-goddess just because I mod an rp. IM me any time you've got a question. My OOC journal is silverrequiem, and my OOC AIM is Leggos00pi.

If you're leaving...
Either IM or e-mail me to let me know. I'll promptly remove your character. No big deal.

I beg that you use the lj-cut tag...
This mostly applies to the OOC, but with exceptionally long entries and owls, the cut-tag makes the rp load faster and easier to read, so use it. Please.

I'm not some stellar icon-maker, but if you're in need of icons I'll either make them or prod somebody else to. I like playing with icons.